Sound Issue in Fedora Core 5 with Asus P4R800-V Delux Built-in ADI 1888 Sound Card

Edward Dekkers edward at
Mon Apr 10 08:32:38 UTC 2006

> David,
> I have tried "alsamixer", which brings up the mixer that allows me to
> adjust the volume with different components. However, it does not have
> anything to do with optical/coaxial functionality. I wonder if there is
> anyway to enable this functionality. Or does Fedora simply not have
> optical/coaxial sound support?
> Sam

Sam, I don't know about Fedora, but I have here a KnoppMyth box, which 
has specific settings for optical/coaxial. I have not played with them 
(yet), but if one flavour of Linux does optical/coaxial out it stands to 
reason the other does too?



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