HP Pavilion LapTop, AMD Turion 64 cpu

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Mon Apr 10 13:34:53 UTC 2006

Stephen Mirowski <spmirowski at shaw.ca> writes:
> As far as I recall, the hidden partitions are just that. A data drive
> without a letter
> assigned in Windows. If you went into Administrative Tools / Disk
> Management,
> you probably could assign it a letter and access the files. I would
> guess it's the
> first primary partition of the HDD. I would guess just installing the
> boot loader
> to the MBR just the same if it wasn't there would be okay, just don't
> delete that
> partition or use it for Linux FS.

There was also a bit of funny business with an ~8Megabyte gap between
the normal and recovery partitions.  I don't know if they were playing
funny games with some sneaky out-of-partition data being stored there
or if they were simply being sloppy.

When I re-sized the partitions with "gpartd" I appended the mystery
8megs to the end of the linux partition.

> I have installed OSs w/ leaving the hidden partition on my IBM lapper
> before, but
> I never had a reason to use the stuff on that drive, so if any
> negative effects occurred,
> I am unaware of. (After awhile I blew that thing away so I have have
> more space
> for me =) )
> Hopefully others here have some thoughts on this.

The HP/Compaq laptops have an official way to burn a 2 dvd recovery
set from the on-disk data.  In theory that partition isn't needed any
more once one makes the dvd's.  (Well, at least until the dvd's age
and become unreadable.)

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