I can't resolve from the command line but I can from a browser.

Andrew fedora at tolboe.org
Mon Apr 10 15:21:49 UTC 2006

This makes no sense to me.  I can go to www.yahoo.com in a browser but I 
can't ping yahoo.com and nothing on my network blocks pings or 
yahoo.com.  I also can't ping local hosts in my hosts list but I can 
ping their ip address.  This is a fedora core 5 install and everything 
was working fine untill i ran yum update.   Something else thats odd, 
ping does not say that it has failed or can't connect, it just hangs 
untill I break it.  I also tried putting a nfs entry in my fstab and 
that wont mount either (it uses a host name instead of a ip address).

Here is my resolv.conf
search sondermuell

Thanks for your time.

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