ldap and hosts

Andrew fedora at tolboe.org
Mon Apr 10 21:17:28 UTC 2006

Hello everyone,

I have a ldap server running on another distro and I use it for a lot of 
different things (such as users, passwords, and hosts) and it all works 
fine on that distro.  I'm also trying to get all of this to work in FC5 
and so far I have gotten users and passwords to work but the hosts is 
giving me problems.  If I type getent hosts I see the complete list of 
hosts as it should be but if I try to ping one of the hosts it just 
hangs.  If I try to ping the ip address everything works fine.  I should 
also note that I can't ping domain's either (such as yahoo.com) again it 
just hangs but if I use a browser I can browse to them.  On another 
note, when I type getent hosts in the ldap console i can see the query 
but when I try to ping a single domain I see nothing in the ldap 
console, not even an attempt.

Thanks for your time

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