Instability Issue in Fedora Core 5

Sam Chen dreamcarrior at
Tue Apr 11 03:24:25 UTC 2006

Since I started to use Fedora Core 5, I noticed that Fedora Core is not
as stable as previous version, especially after upgrading to 2080smp
kernel. I use the system as web server, ftp server, samba file sharing
server, and media center. The system has crashed many times. The
crashes randomized as when I was simply surfing website, or when I was
using nautilus to surf my files, the screen went black and log me out
to the gdmgreeter screen. Or the system can simply crashes down when I
try to restart several services, such as httpd. However, my laptop also
uses fedora core 5, and I did not see any instability issues. Is it
possible that the server services cause the problem? I would like to
report the log, but I do not know which file to look at at the present

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