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Tue Apr 11 17:23:20 UTC 2006

On 11/04/06, Paul Howarth <paul at> wrote:
> Gordon Messmer wrote:
> > Christian Nolte wrote:
> >>
> >> There exists a nice live-cd including GParted, a graphical partition
> >> manager which is capable of resizing your NTFS partitions:
> >>
> >>
> >
> > And that might even be useful, if someone can point to a nice
> > vmlinuz/initrd combo that can be loaded with grub.
> You can pull one from the boot.iso file:
> Paul.
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The problem that you're going to run in to is that Fedora does not
include a tool to resize NTFS partitions, so before you can install
Fedora, you need to find a way to free space on your drive.

Well, thanks guys, but I have two HDDs... so I plan to keep one with the
files on, and the other HDD to be formatted during installation. Then, later
after installation completes, I'll format the first HDD an add it to the

I'll probably go ahead with the proc tonight, wish me luck :) I'll keep you

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