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Anne Wilson wrote:
>> And congrats you your grandson on getting accepted to uni!
> Thanks.  I did have some doubts as to whether he was wise, going into that 
> field.  It's clearly very competitive, and I have the suspicion that it may 
> be a young man's game - not a lifetime career.

They said the same about I.T when I started in the early 1990's. I
disagreed then, and still do.
The rapid pace of change is often considered to be something that only
young people can cope with, but that's not true. Nor is the assumption
that innovation *only* comes from youth.
Tech-led industries are realising (as all other industries have) that
experience is invaluable. As in all other things, we stand upon the
shoulders of giants.

I'm sure that your grandson's chosen field will prove the same. CG isn't
going away. It's not just the videogame market, but the film and TV
industries, advertising, marketing and, more and more, the internet
(think "flash" demos, intro pages and web-games). There are probably a
thousand other applications that we can't even imagine yet.

>  He's very keen to do it, 
> though, so he deserves our backing.

Hear, hear!


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