Problem on installing/running FC5 64 bit

Dan grinnz at
Wed Apr 12 17:44:45 UTC 2006

Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Tks for your advice.
>> Either the
>> burner 
>> is bad, or you should look at the ide=nodma option for checking the 
>> discs (but not installing).
> Ran;
> linux mediacheck ide=nodma
> All 5 discs went through saying "It is OK to install".  
> I download the disc img on Firefox.  Would it matter?  Shall I download
> them again with "wget"?  TIA
> B.Rf.
> SL
As I stated, if the sha1sums check, the downloads are perfectly fine and 
there's no reason to re-download them; the problem would either be in 
the burner, the media, or the reader. Since with the nodma thing they 
checked out, I don't think it's the media; but I don't really know what 
the nodma switch does and why it is sometimes necessary, I'm sure 
someone else on this list does.

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