FC5, superb!!

maina sysadmin at drc.co.ke
Thu Apr 13 05:53:17 UTC 2006

Fajar Priyanto said:
> Hi all, I want to report that, last night I managed to do a clean install
> of FC5 over my FC4, sparing /home.
> It was a delightful experience. Although I did a clean install
> (destroying / and everything else except /home), FC5 seamlessly recognize
> my previous setting. Mails, bookmarks, desktop settings, etc are almost
> perfectly preserved. I will write more details about it later.
> Something that I like from FC5: - Gnome loading is exceptional. Very fast.
> No more waiting when clicking the Menu. - The hardware recognition is
> better than ever on my Acer TM802i. - SELinux behaviour seems to be more
> controllable. - OOo 2.0.2 is definitely everyone's dreaming.
> There is one glitch so far though. Gaim's Yahoo messenger smiley is
> missing. Is there any package I should install?

got to Tools--Prefrences--Smiley Themes and make sure Default - Peguin Pimps is your default theme..
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