FC5, superb!!

Stephen Mirowski spmirowski at shaw.ca
Thu Apr 13 21:42:25 UTC 2006

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Is it still available for purchase? If so where? But I dobut there 
> will be support for OASIS any time soon huh.
It is not.  It was an updated version of 8 that supported newer kernel, etc.
I think it was released with the title theme "Proof of concept".  It was an
attempt to see how many Linux users would buy it then judge whether
the market was big enough to release a brand new native version.  Not
enough Linux fishes bit as far as I can tell.

Novell has a software survey.  Users can go in and state what windows
based software they most want ported to Linux.  Then Novell goes after
the companies that make top of the wishlist.  I put two Corel products in
there already.   Adobe Photoshop is number 1 last time I checked.


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