Cups printer config.

Timothy Murphy tim at
Fri Apr 14 16:52:55 UTC 2006

Anne Wilson wrote:

> I seem to get a whole lot of things I could change on this page,
>> eg add printer, manager printer, etc.
>> I'm asked for my CUPS login name and password when I try to do anything,
>> which I recall don't ever giving.
>> However, it seems to allow me to proceed with my own name and password,
>> which seems bizarre.
>> CUPS is a marvelous system when it is working,
>> but it is perversely difficult to set up.
>> It must have been designed by an alien.
> Tim, have you tried logging in as root?  On my system any changes have to
> be done by root.

Bizarrely, I seem to be able to add and remove printers at will.
I even sent a test-page to a non-existent printer I had added
to a remote computer.
Perhaps it is being printed out in Dublin, Ohio.

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