Installing FC from HDD image

Ali Helmy alihelmy at
Fri Apr 14 22:37:51 UTC 2006

Hey mates,

I have the FC5 DVD iso image on my WinXP computer, at [C:/FC DVD] and the
extracted version of that image at [ C:/FC DVD/Extracted], where C is my
only partition on my primary HDD (which I think should be hda1, right?)

So when I load up Grub using [vmlinuz] and [ startrd.img], it asks me for
the source of the installation media (you know the menu with Local CD-ROM,
NFS image, HDD image, FTP, HTTP). When I choose HDD image, it presents me
with three options (even though I only have two HDDs); namely [ /dev/hda1] [
/dev/hdb1] and [/dev/hdb2]

I tried entering [ /FC DVD/] or [/FC DVD/Extracted/] with and without the
start and ending slashes, with all of the three available HDD options, but
it always gives me:
Error: Failed to read directory /tmp/hdimage/Fedora DVD: No such file or
followed by
Error: Device /dev/hda1 does not seem to contain Fedora CD images

So, what is wrong? and If there should be another procedure to install FC5
from my computer, please tell me... I already have the DVD iso downloaded

     A. Helmy
  One Life... LIVE It
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