Missing mouse cursor in FC5-x86-64 installation.

Debbie Deutsch fedoralist at ddeutsch.org
Sat Apr 15 15:37:46 UTC 2006

Gordon Gallup wrote:
>  Greetings All,
>    I executed an apparently successful installation of FC5 on an
> e-machine T6420 with an Athlon64 CPU.  The only trouble is that at the
> XDM window and later the mouse cursor does not show on the screen.
> (It shows OK in a tty text window.)  X-windows knows where it should
> be.  I can search blindly for places that icons brighten and carefully
> get into menus, etc.
>    This may, of course, be an X-windows issue, but any advice from
> this group would be appreciated.

I had a similar problem on a system that uses an nVidia chipset.  The
workaround is to disable the hardware cursor in your X configuration.



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