Problem booting FC5 after good install and doing the "first boot" configuration

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Sat Apr 15 19:15:50 UTC 2006

On 4/15/06, Debbie Deutsch <fedoralist at> wrote:
> Lyvim Xaphir wrote:
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> > Has this machine done any updates or is this the original binaries off
> > of the FC5 install cds?
> >
> >
> > Given the information you have gathered up to this point, I would put
> > the machine in runlevel 3 and then start experimenting with different X
> > resolutions.  Unless that is the machine has gone thru updating.
> >
> >
> > LX
> No, there were no updates.  I've never been able to get past the
> configuration procedure that happens when you boot the first time after
> the install.  The installation was off an unmodified FC5 distribution.
> Since my previous email I reinstalled FC5 from scratch.  Then I went
> through the first boot configuration process, but this time I did NOT
> alter my display settings or change the SELinux setting.  I got the same
> problem as before.  The screen went grayish-blue, then blank, and the
> system hung.
> One other thing may be worth mentioning.  The installation correctly
> identified the graphics chipset on the motherboard and the monitor
> model.  However the initial display settings during the first boot were
> 600x800.  This is almost certainly a lower resolution that was used
> during the installation procedure.  I don't remember the monitor coming
> up with such a low resolution when I installed FC5 on my other Linux box.
> This problem is baffling.  I wonder if there is a log file somewhere
> that might reveal something.   I could boot into Linux rescue mode and
> take a look, if I knew what to look for.  :-)
> Debbie
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Hi Debbie!

If it were me I would be doing the following:

1. Obtain the technical specifications on the monitor from the web.
2. Boot Linux (from CD) into rescue mode and print (or copy the monitor,
display sections) of  /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
3. Might be well to do a "man xorg.conf" on a working linux machine.  Anyway
check specifically the resolution and horizonal and vertical timeing to be
within that which the monitor will be happy with.  A possible easier way may
be to boot a Knoppix CD and copy what it comes up with.  Your monitor may
well be in the list that Fedora has during setup.  I do not recall the setup
utility name (perhaps Craig White has provided this) but with the monitor
info you may well be able to select the best xorg.conf by selecting your
specific monitor from the setup facility.

All above done should eliminate X as a possible cause.  It is my first

Good Hunting!

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