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Great! This helps me a lot to start. Thank you so much!


Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> wrote: On Sunday 16 April 2006 13:39, JC wrote:
> Hi, I have just installed Fedora 5. I find myself struggling with it. I
> have some basic questions and hope somebody could give some hints. 1. where
> can I find what kernel version that is installed?
> 2. how do I find out if video4linux is installed?
> 3. how to install video4linux?
> 4. I want to use a USB camera that is supposed in video4linux2. How do I
> install its driver?
> Sorry for these stupid questions. If you have some links that could help me
> to start, it would very much apprecited. Thanks a lot! JC
Hi, JC.  I'm not using FC5 yet, but here are some links that may help:

To find which kernel version you have, open a terminal (aka console) and type
uname -a

If you haven't already done so, you need to do an update, as there are very 
many updates already released, some of them very important.  To do that, you 
need a root terminal, so in the same terminal type

su -
and give the root password.  Then type

yum update

and let it do its stuff.  Be warned, though, this first one will be a very big 

To install new packages you use

yum install packagename

Remove with 'yum remove packagename'.

To see what's available try

yum search term

- which doesn't have to be a packagename.  Search for 'video' and it will give 
you a list of everything it knows about concerning video.

If you want to use formats like mp3, realplayer's formats, encrypted video, 
etc., you will need additional repositories, as the distro can't legally 
provide the necessary packages.  They are all available, though, so ask again 
when you are ready.

Hope that helps

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