Problem booting FC5 after good install and doing the "first boot" configuration

Lyvim Xaphir knightmerc at
Sun Apr 16 19:59:29 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-04-15 at 03:06 -0400, Debbie Deutsch wrote:

> > LX
> No, there were no updates.  I've never been able to get past the
> configuration procedure that happens when you boot the first time after
> the install.  The installation was off an unmodified FC5 distribution.
> Since my previous email I reinstalled FC5 from scratch.  Then I went
> through the first boot configuration process, but this time I did NOT
> alter my display settings or change the SELinux setting.  I got the same
> problem as before.  The screen went grayish-blue, then blank, and the
> system hung.
> One other thing may be worth mentioning.  The installation correctly
> identified the graphics chipset on the motherboard and the monitor
> model.  However the initial display settings during the first boot were
> 600x800.  This is almost certainly a lower resolution that was used
> during the installation procedure.  I don't remember the monitor coming
> up with such a low resolution when I installed FC5 on my other Linux box.
> This problem is baffling.  I wonder if there is a log file somewhere
> that might reveal something.   I could boot into Linux rescue mode and
> take a look, if I knew what to look for.  :-)
> Debbie

If you like you can check /var/log/  I ran into a similar
situation to this recently when I was installing FC5 on a system that
had a motherboard video chipset with a new graphics card installed.  The
system seems to have trouble discerning between the two videos.  I
remember Nvidia having a procedure that covers this, where you look up
the pci identifiers with lspci and then put that into
the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.  I'll have to look up the installation text
file for the nvidia stuff to get the details so I can fix this problem I

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