Fedora Core 5 + WinXP Pro

Adam Tunbridge iamadam at bulldoghome.com
Sun Apr 16 20:27:37 UTC 2006

I get the feeling dual-boot systems are a /dirty /subject round here but 
needs must I'm afraid. Right, I'm having issues loading Fedora Core 5. I 
have 2 hard-drives:

80GB  (we'll call this /D1/)
100GB (we'll call this /D2/)

I started by installing WinXP on /D1/. Then I installed Fedora on /D2, 
/using GRUB on the MBR of /D1/. This didn't work.  My system just booted 
straight into XP. Then I tried the same but installed GRUB on the first 
sector of /D2/. Same result. Now I've just tried the same install but 
*without *installing GRUB and tried Acronis OS Selector instead. This 
wouldn't event detect the existence of Fedora. I'm a complete noob when 
it comes to Linux (Well, partial noob really. Read a few books) so 
please explain what I'm doing wrong in moderately simple terms.

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