NFS problems on FC1/5

Steven Pasternak stevenp500 at
Mon Apr 17 16:25:01 UTC 2006

Hi! I have an old machine running FC1 and my main machine running FC5. I 
am on a local network, and tried to set up nfs between the two. For some 
reason, though, they seem invisible. I used the redhat tool on the FC1 
machine to set up the server, and even restarted the /etc/init.d/nfs 
file. On the FC5 machine (client), I have tried with nautilus, but it 
just doesn't see the other computer. I even tried killing the firewalls 
on both machines. I have been able to get two mandriva 2005 machines to 
work flawlessly. I haven't changed any settings with the router or 
anything. I set the host to * in /etc/exports (like in mandriva), and 
had an almost identical rest of the file. Mandriva, though, had a tool 
to find shares on the network, where fedora just has nautilus. What am I 
doing wrong?

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