CUPS - No form feed with Epson and FC5

Temlakos temlakos at
Mon Apr 17 19:34:49 UTC 2006

Thad Nielsen wrote:
> Gerald B. Cox [gbcox at] wrote:
>>I been working through FC5 upgrade issues and just noticed another.
>>I have an Epson Photo R300 Printer.  I noticed that when
>>I print the CUPS test page, or print from an application such as GNUMERIC
>>or ABIWORD, the page doesn't eject from the printer when done.  The  
>>only way the page is ejected is I either turn the printer off then  
>>back on, or if I start another print job.  If I start another print  
>>job, the spacing for that next job is messed up.
>>I did notice in properties for the print queue there is a setting for  
>>"Send a FF" which wasn't checked.  I tried selecting that, but it  
>>doesn't make any difference.
>>If I print from within GIMP however, things appear to work normally.
>>I didn't have a problem with FC4 - everything worked fine.
>>Has anyone else noticed this?  Should I enter a bug report?
> I have a different Epson on FC5 (fresh install, not upgrade) and I
> have no problems printing from Abiword, OpenOffice, etc.  Might you
> have selected the wrong driver (one that thinks your printer's form
> length is different than it is)?  Alternately, did you check the form
> before printing (perhaps it defaults to A4 instead of Letter, e.g.)?
> 	T.

Good point. Recently I acquired an Epson Stylus Photo RX-700, and 
couldn't find a driver with that specific name. It took me two days, and 
a lot of wasted time on print jobs that sent nothing but formfeeds to 
the new printer, before I settled on a driver that worked. It was the 
one for the Epson Stylus Photo 700 (without the RX prefix).

Perhaps you're suffering from the same problem--that someone's naming 
conventions are at fault.


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