yum and/or yumex package updateing?

David Timms dtimms at bigpond.net.au
Tue Apr 18 14:44:56 UTC 2006

William Case wrote:
> Hi; a new feature suggestion?
> Is there a way that yumex can be setup so that it doesn't update every
> time I open it?  I would like to be able to use it, particularly yumex,
> to look at what packages I have, what's available and what I might want
> to remove.  Every time I flip in and out of those lists I don't need an
> update.
> I am not sure how to do this without losing the security of getting the
> very latest updates?  Maybe a right or centre mouse click or a special
> accelerator key?
If you are on FC5 - try pup (for updates - it lists updates and waits 
for your approval) / pirut (see list view, then check installed or not 
installed at the top).

{aka Software Updater / Add/Remove Software}


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