Win emulators for FC 5 PPC64?

Ian Burrell ianburrell at
Tue Apr 18 19:17:20 UTC 2006

Brian Durant <brian <at>> writes:
> Are there any Win emulators out there for FC 5 PPC64? Seems like PPC 
> users are left out in the cold, since there is no WINE or Crossover 
> Office for us.
> Bochs could be a possibility, but the native Mac version that the 
> commercial product WinTel get very 
> bad reviews so I would assume 
> Bochs isn't ready for prime time on the PPC platform yet either 

There is also Qemu.  Since PPC  is a different processor architecture than i386,
emulating Windows requires a processor emulator, not just paravirtualization
like VMware, or API emulation like Wine.  Processor emulation is significantly

 - Ian

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