Problem with wireless on FC5

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Tue Apr 18 22:15:29 UTC 2006

Il giorno mar, 18/04/2006 alle 15.33 -0400, Garrett Mitchener ha
> Then I used the GUI tool (system-config-network) to delete all
> references to my ipw2200.  Then I saved those settings.  Then I went
> to the Devices tab and clicked the New button on the tool bar and went
> through the wizard and it detected my ipw2200 and such and I was able
> to configure it.  (For some reason if you go to the Hardware tab and
> click New, you get a series of dialogs that don't list the ipw2200
> driver, go figure...) 

Garret. on my 1st generation centrino (means ipw2100) i've removed any
occurrence of any others NIC aside from the ethernet cabled one. Of
course i have up and running ipw2100 firmware and wpa_supplicant.

Then simply using NetworkManager {enabling ESSID broadcast & DHCP} i
_can_ connect using WEP or WPA.

Still don't know "the why & the because" :-/

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