Anyone used a USB to serial adapter under FC?

jdow jdow at
Wed Apr 19 07:30:22 UTC 2006

From: "Mike Klinke" <lsomike at>

> On Tuesday 18 April 2006 16:39, Thomas Cameron wrote:
>> I need to do a serial console on a KN8 SLI motherboard with no
>> serial ports.  I am guessing I need to use a USB to serial
>> adapter but I am not sure how it will show up (/dev/ttySX or
>> what)?
> On FC3 ...
> # ls /dev > prior_to_insertion.txt
> # ls /dev > after_insertion.txt
> 16:42:38 # diff prior_to_insertion.txt after_insertion.txt  
>> ttyUSB0
> This is a Keyspan adaptor.

Good adapter there, Mike. You made a good choice. Some other folks may
be tempted to skimp on price. The average cheap dongle on E-Bay does NOT
support RS-232 properly. They do not implement or even hook up DTR and
RTS. The code words on E-Bay seem to be "Garmin compatibility."

A small word to the wise.


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