FC5: Unable to retrieve software information

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Apr 19 09:34:22 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 19 April 2006 04:36, Crile Doscher wrote:
> I had wondered if that was the case but assumed not because I was trying to
> install an RPM locally (i.e. one I had downloaded) - I'm also assuming that
> the Add/Remove Software is looking locally.   HTTP works with no problem
> so I guess it does beg the question of what protocal rpm uses.  I'll keep
> checking on the networking front as I'm not entirely sure I've got that set
> up correctly.  Thanks for the response.
> C

I'm not using FC5 or a VM, so 'shot in the dark'.  I believe that by default 
yum looks externally.  For a local install, try

yum localinstall path/to/package/package-name

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