CANNOT Get Remote X to Work -- Guru Needed

Rudolf Kastl che666 at
Wed Apr 19 10:42:31 UTC 2006

2006/4/18, Bill Polhemus <bill at>:
> Most of the how-tos and other such information available on the 'net are
> old and outdated.
> I last had this working ca. FC3. I am using the WinAxE X-Window client
> ( on Windows XP, and trying to pull up my FC5 server's
> desktop from there. I just can't get the connection.
> I have the client software on the Windows XP box configured as shown on
> LabF's tutorials page, but when it comes to editing the various (and
> sundry!) config files on my FC5 server, I'm not sure I have even found
> them all.
> Is anyone doing this now? What advice can you give me?
> Sorry I am not more specific; there are too many parts to this puzzle.
> I'll answer questions as best I can, however.
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using cygwin was alot faster when i last tried. i didnt like winaxe really.

Rudolf Kastl

p.s. just my personal experience

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