Fail to start KDE on init 3

Stephen Liu satimis at
Wed Apr 19 16:09:50 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I can't start KDE on "init 3"

# startkde
xsetroot:unable to open display
xset: unable to open display
startkde: starting
ksplash: cannot connect to Xserver
kdeinit: aborting.  $DISPLAY is not set
warning: connect ( ) failed: : no such file or directory
ksmserver: cannot connect to X server
ERROR: couldn't attach to DCOP server !
startkde: shutting down
warning: connect ( ) failed :No such file or directory
ERROR: can't contact kdeinit !
startkde: running shutdown scripts
startkde: done
* * * END * * *

Please advise how to fix this problem



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