Is wireless support any better with FC5?

Levin Fritz levinfritz at
Wed Apr 19 17:10:29 UTC 2006

> Is wireless support any better with FC5?

I'd say yes; I have an ipw2200 card which works great with FC5 (I
tested WPA, WPA2 and a Cisco VPN). But this depends a lot on your
hardware. You might want to check out this list: .

Note that some drivers aren't in Fedora's (or Linus's) kernel; you
might have to manually download, compile and install the kernel
modules. Sometimes googling for the name of the driver and "rpm" will
find rpms for Fedora, too.

> I've also tried two PCMCIA cards, a DLink DWL-G650 with the Atheros
> chipset (I've never got this to work)
Did you install the madwifi driver? has rpms.

> and a CompUSA card with an unknown chipset (doesn't work either).
Try running
  lspci -v
in a terminal, as root, with the card plugged in. The card should be
listed there and you might be able to figure out the type of its

In general, I'd say don't give up so fast. If I got WPA2 to work with
my one nic, you should be able to get WEP working with three of them ;-)


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