fail to mount CDROM

Thomas Taylor linxt at
Fri Apr 21 00:21:07 UTC 2006

On Thursday 20 April 2006 06:12, Nader Mirzaee wrote:
> > When i try to mount CDROM there is an error window saying "unable to
> > mount media there is probably no media in the drive " but the media is  >
> > in the drive.
> Do you have more than one disc to test with?
> > i try to mount it with mount /mnt/cdrom it says mount : can't
> > find /mnt/cdrom in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
> Which distribution of Fedora are you playing with?  Since FC4, the
> CD-ROM has been mounted at:  /media/cdrom or /media/cdwriter if it's a
> burner.  It could also be named dvdrom or dvdwriter if it's a DVD drive.
> > how can I edit fstab ?
> With a text editor, as the root user.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>------------------------------ *  i have only one CD-ROM drive it is ASUS
> 52X read only.
> *  i use FC5
> *  mount /media/cdrom does not work as well it says can't find /media/cdrom
> in /etc/fstab *  my question about editing fstab is that what should i add
> to fstab so that i can mount my cdrom?
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Are you trying to mount a CD/DVD that has something on it or a blank CD/DVD?

A blank won't mount.

A CD/DVD that is pre-recorded should automount if your automounter is running.  
Check services (as root from a terminal or cli - system-config-serrvices).


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