livna vs. nvidia

Lonni J Friedman netllama at
Fri Apr 21 04:13:33 UTC 2006

On 4/20/06, Stephen Liu <satimis at> wrote:
> Hi Lonni,
> > Use the --uninstall option.
> Please advise how to uninstall "nVidis" driver on "init 3" (not GUI)

Use the --uninstall option.

> I have been sufferring from making FC5_64 to work on a new AMD64 box
> for several date.  The PC hung while connecting to broadband.  I
> suspect the problem coming from onboard LAN and Sound of the
> motherboard ASUS A8N-VM which uses nVidia chipset.  Disabling both of
> them will allow Internet browsing but still the PC hung finally.  So
> there is no way for me to run "yum update" which will download/install
> 560Mb new files.  Because the PC hung in the middle.

I'm not clear on how that relates to the nvidia X driver.

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