FC5 32 bit or 64 bit

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Fri Apr 21 15:09:59 UTC 2006

On Friday 21 April 2006 05:37, Pushparaj Shetty wrote:
>I have installed FC5 on my laptop usinig the 32 bit cd image. But my
>laptop is having AMD turion64. The installation is successful. Is this
>OK or i have to reinstall from 64 bit image?
>Thank you

I wasn't able to get much more that past the disk setup with the 64 bit 
FC5 on my lappy.  The setup file was missing from the dvd image.
That said, the 32 bit version is working nicely and my biggest squawk is 
that kde has been gnome-ized to the point of not seeing many KDE apps 
in the pulldowns.

Stuff like where the hell is the "control center" that lets you 
configure all this stuff?  Change the background screens, set file 
associations and such?

One of the first yum updates I did changed kdenetwork and I've now had 
to make a screen icon for kwifimanager, its no longer in the pulldowns, 
having been replaced it seems with a Admin->Network, (only if you've 
installed the kdeadmin package) which appears to be a nicer gui clone 
of system-config-network.

This has been emasculated and if I ever had to mess with my wifi, a 
broadcom with ndiswrapper, its incapable of dealing with it because of 
the hatred ndiswrapper has generated.  I tried, and had to go thru the 
install procedure for all that ndiswrapper related stuff all over 

And its not ever going to be fixed.  Thats not my fault, it was what was 
in the lappy when I bought it.  Sue broadcom is you have to for the 
info and I'll donate $100 to the effort, but support whats on the shelf 
for the buyer, or give us an .iso cd we can use to survey the system 
and see if its linux compatible so we can make a more intelligent 

AND Why the hell did I make an /etc/sysconfig/desktop file that contains 
'KDE' if I didn't want a KDE desktop?  I have NDI what it is thats 
running, but KDE it isn't. :(

Yeah, I'm grumpy this morning.  Way the heck too many hours wasted on 
this now.

Cheers, Gene
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