gnome-mount not respecting mount options?

Mostafa Afgani m.afgani.fedora at
Fri Apr 21 22:47:17 UTC 2006

On 4/22/06, Jay Cliburn <jcliburn at> wrote:

> Drive policy keys are no longer used.  See
> .

> About the best I've been able to do is define a HAL rule to override the
> {} parameter such that it's at least constant and under my
> control.  The following will cause a CD/DVD in my drive to always mount
> at /media/cdrecorder instead of /media/{}

Thanks for the pointer but I was actually more interested in
automating the mounting process. I guess this means a huge leap
backwards to the days where I had to manually specify the stuff in
fstab -- such that the data is also accessible to normal users...


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