how do you draw figures

Dan grinnz at
Tue Apr 25 15:48:18 UTC 2006

BB Cao wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm just curious of what you would use to draw figures. By draw 
> figures, I mean that, suppose I have a data file, it goes like,
> x1     x2     x3 ...     xn      y
> 1.2    -3.4   0.1        7.8    3.2
> .. ...
> what program do you use on FC to draw curves for (y vs x1) and/or(y vs 
> x2)...(y vs xn) on a single figure?
> I usually reboot my machine to WinXP and use Excel to do that because 
> the Open office spreadsheet is not friendly regarding this purpose. 
> (Or I don't know how to use it wisely.) But the rebooting is very 
> inconvenient sometime. A program on FC is highly desired.
> Best,
>  Cao
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I would look into gnuplot as suggested by others, but openoffice calc 
can do it as well, the interface is very similar to excel.

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