Login Error Message - LDAP

Chris Bradford chrisbradford at cambridge-news.co.uk
Thu Apr 27 10:05:55 UTC 2006

Please can someone help me?!

I get this when I try to login to my FC5 box using *some* Windows 2003
Active Directory Accounts:

login:../../../libraries/libler/sockbuf.c:89: ber_sockbuf_ctrl:
Assertion ' ( (sb)->sb_opts.lbo_valid == 0x3)' failed

I am trying to login to tty1. gdm resets if I use the same account. Ssh
fails and terminates.

I am using LDAP, and everything appears to work. I just get this error
with some accounts... Namely the ones I actually need to use on these


Chris Bradford
Systems Administrator
Cambridge Newspapers

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