Accidental File Deletion

Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Sat Apr 29 19:49:05 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-04-29 at 13:48 -0400, Steven Pasternak wrote:
> Hi! I accidentally deleted some files on an ext3 Fedora 5 partition. Is 
> there any way to un-delete them? They were deleted with the 'rm' 
> command, so there is not a trash can with them. They weren't anything I 
> can't live without, though. I just had some shell scripts under ~/bin 
> that did simple things. Thanks!
> -Steven

You are probably out of luck.
I seem to remember seeing a shell script that would mv files to the
trash rather that delete them, and was argument compatible with rm - so
that it could be used as a bash alias in place of rm.

If I remember - the -f switch did a real rm, but anything else got moved
to ~/.Trash/ or something.

I don't remember where I saw it.
Anyone know? It would be nice to have in the wiki.

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