Linksys PCMCIA Linux Driver

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Fri Dec 1 23:22:15 UTC 2006

hey guys...

the original poster was/is simply trying to get his damm wireless to work.
in my opinion, not a really difficult question to ask. if you want
linux/fedora to really grow, you have to expect that there will be questions
that you as the person replying might consider to to be really basic..

so get off your horse and help with complete answers if you have them, or
don't. but unless you know for a fact that the person submitting the request
has a habit of expecting to be spoonfed simple answers, give him a break.

last i checked, the purpose of the email list was/is supposed to be for
helping, not for slamming..

the fact is, setting up a wireless connection on fedora/linux isn't just
plug/play. in fact, if you don't know what you're doing, you can easily get

so, i'm sure the guy was/is looking for detailed instructions on how to get
his connection working. if anyone has this kind of information, i'm sure he
would appreciate it. but a one or two word answer, or a sarcastic comment
isn't going to help him...


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Chethiya K Ranaweera wrote:

> What is orinoco? Is it a tool?
wow, I've just found a super tool called google!
Snarky comments aside, a simple search in your favorite web search
engine for linux+orinoco returns enough results to keep you busy for a
few hours. Add fedora to the search string and you get even more.

Please read
Do your own research and then feel free to ask for help but don't expect
others to do _your_ work for you.

You will find out that a lot of people will give you pointers to the
answer rather than the actual full MO.

amongst the results you will get
use the fedora forums, chances are someone else has been through the
same path before you.



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