Problems with ipw2200 wireless in FC6

luca porcu thedjpig at
Mon Dec 4 13:33:23 UTC 2006

> They were all running, I had just turned on NetWorkManager without turning off
> network, didn't realize they shouldn't be run at the same time. However, even
> so, sometimes the ipw2200 card is still shown as __tmp1804289383, with the
> same behavior described in the previous e-mail. Is there any thing else I
> should try?


I have the same problem with Fedora 6 and wireless ipw2200

I have solve the problem with this:

su - (become super user)

rmmod ipw2200


modprobe ipw2200

last passage is not necessary, because the module reloaded by the
system when is necessary.

bye luca

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