Info about DWARF2 unwinder pls

Tom Horsley tomhorsley at
Wed Dec 6 11:55:53 UTC 2006

On Wed, 6 Dec 2006 17:42:15 +0800
"Deepak Shrestha" <d88pak at> wrote:

> I will be grateful if somebody explains me what this message really
> about (what could probably be wrong with my computer) and what this
> "DWARF2 unwinder" do.

I'm not positive about any of this, but I think the real error is
something else. The kernel had a problem and tried to do a stack
backtrace (unwinding) from where the problem happened, and that
caused the dwarf2 unwinder error.

Dwarf2 is a standard for debugging info. The gnu C compiler can generate
dwarf2 info, and part of the dwarf2 standard (along with some gnu
extensions) describes stack frames and can (in theory) be used to
do backtraces through the call stack. Unfortunately the frame
description info is hard to get right, and (especially in any hand
coded assembly) is often wrong, leading to errors when trying to
unwind the stack frames and print info about where the error happened.

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