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Wed Dec 6 14:50:22 UTC 2006

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Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Bob Goodwin wrote:
>>> Where can I find a list of gpg keys and instructions for installing
>>> them?
>>> My temporary solution to the problem is simply disabling the gpg check
>>> as I run into the problem with livna, dries, etc.
>>> I would prefer to have everything working properly.  I believe I found a
>>> page that had them all once but I seem to have lost that information and
>>> google has not been much help.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Bob Goodwin
>> You can find the keys on the ISO image, or on any of the mirror
>> sites. Look for files like:
>> RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora
>> RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-extras
>> You install them using rpm --import as root.
>> rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora
>> Some (all?) repositories have an RPM that installs the key for the
>> repo and installs the necessary file to use them.
>> Mikkel
> Thank you for the help.  I think I was able to get a Livna key installed
> but just finding a list seems to be a problem.  I should thin they all
> should be available from one place rather than the complicated mess I
> have to deal with.
> for instance google took me to the following:
> ]# rpm --import http://dries.ulyssis.org/rpm/RPM-GPG-KEY-dries.txt
> error: http://dries.ulyssis.org/rpm/RPM-GPG-KEY-dries.txt: import read
> failed(-1).
> Segmentation fault
> Yet I can find the key as a text file at that address and could copy it
> if I could find where GPG keys are  filed.  The yum man page says
> nothing about keys and I couldn't "locate" any yum GPG key files.  There
> must be some because yum works for routine updates?
> Why is this so difficult?   Is it just me?

A simple Google search for         dries fedora

got me here


or a tinyurl of the same URL


The very first hit on the page:


got me here:  http://dries.ulyssis.org/rpm/clientconfig.html

a quick look at the menu box on the left side of that page shows links to all
of the dries site pages.

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