Using same USB drive with multiple computers.

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>>I have Fedora installed on a USB drive and use it with a laptop.  It works
>>very well, but what I would like to be able to do is plug it into a 
>>or another laptop and be able to use the same install, without having to
>>completely reconfiguer the system each time I move it.  I am wondering if
>>there are any programs out there to save the system configurations for
>>multiple hardware configurations.  I tried doing some google searches but
>>did not come up with anything, was wondering if anyone here knew about
>How did you install to USB? Via regular install? IIRC that are ways to
>install to USB disks so that they detect the hardware ala
>Dotan Cohen

Via the standard installer.  It actually didn't boot properly so I had to 
boot off the (rescue) DVD and run mkinitrd with the options  --preload 
scsi_mod --preload libata --preload sata_promise --preload ehci_hcd 
--preload usb_storage.  libata and sata_promise were for it to stop 
complaining at boot about the partitions on the internal promise controller 
as they are in a RAID 0, and it was ugly during boot; not that they had to 
be loaded for booting off the usb disk to work.

Off the subject, I have asked about having to run mkinitrd to preload the 
modules, because from what I understood FC6 was going to support booting off 
USB drives 'out of the box', but I can't remember for the life of me where I 
read that, and maybe it wasn't true.  If it is true, it needs to be looked 

Back on subject, I think what you're talking about would be along the lines 
of what I am looking for. Do you know of any articles that explain the set 
up process, or programs that aid in the configuration?  Regardless I can do 
some more looking around on Google based off of that info, and see what I 
can come up with.

Thank you,

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