today the ext3 on my fc6 T43 crashes :(

Jörn Rink j.rink at
Thu Dec 14 07:53:45 UTC 2006

i do not know if the todays update has effected this, i think not.

While updating, the filesystem switched itself to only readable.
After that, i reboot my t43 and fsck.ext3 has to fix the fs.
It recognize some errors, fix it, but the system is not usable.

One thing, i mentioned is, The HD parttable has changed.

I "partition" (sry for my english)  the HD with the fdisk tool on the
fedora 6 core dvd. That was last week. There i saw, that the
installation "partitioner" saw other partition boundaries than the
fdisk i use. Another thing is, the hd is recognized as sda, not as
hda, it is not a sata hd. Is this correct?

Yesterday, i try fdisk from the installed system itself, and it sees
the table, which has anaconda saw while the installation process.

My used fdisk showed over 10.000 cylinders and now it shows 97xx

When i use fdisk know, it shows a warning to me:

Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary.

Another Problem:
smartd shows me in the /var/log/messages sometimes:

Device /dev/sda, 1 Offline uncorrectable sectors.
Is this an error, is this a powermanagement feature from the hd, which
smartd does not recognize?

So before i reinstall the system, i have some questions here:

Is the fdisk on the fedora core 6 DVD an old one? which partitioner
should i use? How can i fix the partition table know? because, i have
two XP Partition on the HD, The 1. and the 2. Partition. And the XP
on the 1. one is an XP partition from my firm ;-)

Can i ignore the smartd messages or is the HD defect?

Please, only answer when you know an answer, not only when you guess
it ;-)

PS: Until know i have all the updates installed. I use the standard
kernel with the livna flgrx module.

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