Compiz Update? - SOLUTION

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at
Mon Dec 18 03:44:04 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-12-17 at 18:08 -0800, Srikanth Konjarla wrote: 
> After continuously monitoring nVidia's Linux forum i have finally found 
> a solution. The solution is to enable "HWCursor" on xorg.conf file. Here 
> is the link to nVidia's forum.
> Another helpful tip on issue with "Black Window" is here
> Srikanth


Unfortunately, that is not a global solution. I have tried that
previously and it does not work on my system. Others have posted similar

I still get poor performance using the default compiz on FC6 and black
windows when trying to use beryl.

We are just going to have to wait until such time as nVidia sees fit to
release a version of their driver with a TFP implementation that
supports enhanced use of video memory.  I have seen posts from folks
with nVidia cards that have 256 and 512 Mb of RAM and they still have
these problems with black windows, missing window decorations, etc. If
they can't things right, how are the rest of us with laptops with 64 Mb
on our cards supposed to?

Funny thing is, compiz-quinn and beryl both ran fine on my system when I
used mesa-cvs with XGL before nVidia put TFP into their driver. Just
wish they would get this fixed.

Thanks for your post.


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