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Terry Polzin <foxec208 at> wrote: On Monday December 18 2006 19:31, Ale Alf wrote:
> Hi, i need to buy a 56K modem, and of course it should work on linux.
> Enyone can sugest me   some of them?
Generally, I prefer something external as you will use a "real" serial port 
and UART.  Beware of "winmodems"  those that emulate a serial port UART with 
software as most software is proprietary.

What about Card Buss modems?  Ever since the Suse DEVs decided
to remove binary drives from Suse 10.1 on, us Laptop users have been
hosed.  I have to stay with 10.0 if I want to use dialup with my IBM T-41
Laptop.  So I was thinking about looking into a card buss modem
(type I or II).


I take it then that no one has any experience with Card Buss Modems and
Laptops on any version of Linux?

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