OS Future now that Fedora Legacy defunct

Justin W jlist at jdjlab.com
Wed Dec 20 23:21:11 UTC 2006

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-12-19 at 21:57 -0600, Justin W wrote:
>> Shawn wrote:
>>>>   Once it's released, I'd like to get the equivalent 
>>>> version of CentOS for my server, but if it's going to be a while (say, 
>>>> longer than a month from now), 
>>> CentOS wont be ready for at least a month after RHEL5.  Has taken 2-3
>>> months in the past.
>>> Shawn
>> Thank you. I finally found an article which said RHEL 5 should be 
>> released about mid-February, and with a 2 or 3 month window before 
>> CentOS is released, it means it could be May before I can get a hold of 
>> it. That very nicely coincides with summer break. I think I'm going to 
>> take the time to install FC6 to my server, and that will also coincide 
>> pretty closely with a theoretical end of support for FC6 (assuming 6 
>> month life spans).
> You might want to stick with Fedora as the announces also say that
> Fedora is to become static and meshed with RHEL in some fashion. Ric
Well, at any means, I need to upgrade (I'll put off deciding whether I'm 
going to go with CentOS or stick with Fedora for another day). I could 
use some help getting ready for the move.

I've done upgrades before, but they've always been kind of long and I 
don't like going without my email server for that long. I'm now thinking 
that I could install FC6 to a larger hard drive that I have acquired and 
use FC6's Xen capabilities to host the FC4 (from my other HD) while I'm 
in the process of upgrading. I don't know much about Xen though.

1) Is kernel-xenU the correct kernel I need, or do I have to try to 
compile one myself?

2) Will Xen run FC4 from the hard drive it's already on, or does it want 
it as a file in the file system? (FC4 is under LVM if that makes a 

3) Will there be any major sticklers I need to worry about when FC4 
boots as a guest rather than on its own? Will network connections will 
be broken in any way? Will I have to worry about my swap partitions (as 
I know I don't have enough ram to run two systems at once without using 

4) Can somebody help me find a correct xen configuration that will allow 
my FC4 system to run as it was (i.e. same IP address, etc). I'll read up 
on some of the xen manuals, using 
http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2006/01/26/xen.html a 
reference to see what I need to do.

After I have [ideally] both systems running, I'll slowly move services 
from one system to the other until I have everything ported and 
reconfigured (as FC4 was my first server setup, so therefore is pretty 
messy and needs to be reworked from the ground up).

If anybody wants anything more specific, I'll be happy to give you the 
information you need.

Justin W

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