Does a Fedora Core on PowerPC maillist exist

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Thu Dec 21 22:40:58 UTC 2006

Dennis Clarke wrote:
> I didn't see one listed.
> If not .. can we create one please ?
With the advent of the PS3 (ppc) supporting Linux, this should become a 
very hot topic.

With Yellow Dog for PS3 rumored to be made available for download on 
Christmas day, there should be quite a few PS3s running Linux shortly 

*me too*

The next Fedora Unity release should include the 2.6.20+ kernel, which 
will make the ppc version of FC6 even more attractive to folks here than 
the Yellow Dog release, since Yellow Dog is based on FC5.

The 2.6.20+ kernels feature the Sony patches for PS3 devices, which 
Yellow Dog has now.

Here is hoping that Fedora Unity survives ...

*crossing fingers and toes*

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