OpenOffice AutoFormat Driving me crazy

R. G. Newbury newbury at
Thu Dec 21 22:48:55 UTC 2006

The subject says it all. How do I stop OfficeOffice Writer from 
continually re-formatting what I am working on. I am writing numbered 
paragraphs, but I do NOT want OO to auto-number them. Moreover I do NOT 
want OO to suddenly auto-indent a paragraph I have just finished 
writing. For example, I end the paragraph, hit 'Return' twice to create 
a line space between the end of the paragraph and the start of the next 
one, and when I hit the *second* return, the first paragraph 
self-indents a tab space....which is just what I do NOT want.

I have tried Format Paragraph with everything set a '0'..and named that 
as the default.but that does not help.  So where do I turn off that 

This damn auto-indenting is about to cause me to auto-explode.


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