segfaults with apt-get update

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Fri Dec 22 23:10:26 UTC 2006

On Friday 22 December 2006 23:48, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Nigel Henry <cave.dnb <at>> writes:
> > tried to open synaptic as root, and it opened, and about 3 secs later
> crashed.
> Known bug, there are already several bug reports about this.
> To fix this:
> rm -f /var/cache/apt/*.bin
> (needs root privileges, so use su or sudo).
> It is likely that apt had the RPM database locked while crashing, in which
> case you'll also have to:
> rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db.*
> (needs root privileges again).
> WARNING: DON'T remove any files in the /var/lib/rpm directory which do not
> start with an underscore. If you zap the Packages file, you won't be able
> to rebuild the RPM database, so you'll have to reinstall.
>         Kevin Kofler

Thanks a lot Kevin, that seems to have fixed it.

I'll have to write these fixes down, just in case.

All the best.


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