OS Future now that Fedora Legacy defunct

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>Subject: Re: OS Future now that Fedora Legacy defunct
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>On Thu, 2006-12-21 at 08:25 -0600, Dave Ihnat wrote:
> > On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 02:38:03AM -0800, Les wrote:
> > > This will displace windows quite easily especially due to the hassels
> > > of getting windows, the support costs, and the licensing fees and so
> > > forth that cause windows to be one of the most hated OS's ever 
> >
> > Advocatus Diaboli time.  I really don't think Fedora is a Windows-
> > displacement option either at home or in business; and it's not any
> > of the technical issues.  Simply put, neither home nor business users
> > can deal with a six-month replacement cycle that obsoletes their base
> > software in a year or so.
> >
> > We're not just talking about "there's something newer"; we're talking
> > about "you stop getting updates and patches."  Fedora Legacy mitigated
> > that; without legacy updates that at least offer the option of not 
> > to do forced updates every year, I think you're optimistic to see Fedora
> > as a Windows-killer.
> >
> > I had no problems with my last upgrade--but that was one laptop.
> > Look at the problems reported on the list with every new release
> > of Fedora--and imagine you're in IT, and have to support maybe 4-5
> > variants of workstations, not to mention servers (if you decide to try
> > Fedora there); and not just one of each, but maybe dozens, hundreds,
> > or even thousands.
> >
> > Or you're a home user, with one to several machines--but you're NOT
> > a tech, just want the computer to balance the checkbook and browse
> > the Internet, with one for your spouse and a kid's homework machine.
> > Face it-- most such users get the OS with the computer, and throw out 
> > computer and OS when it's time to change.  Few home users who were stuck
> > with Windows ME or Windows XP Home ever have upgraded (and they usually
> > find-- especially the former--that the hardware can't hack the upgrade.)
> > So if the OS isn't going to remain patched and stable for the 2-3 years
> > or more these people keep their machine, it ain't gonna fly.
> >
> > So Fedora isn't the Linux Windows Killer. And maybe that's not bad.
> > It is a place for the avant-garde to test the edge; problems are 
> > as part of the process, and there is community support and individual
> > efforts to resolve issues.
> >
> > $0.02, YMMV.
> > --
>I would love Fedora to become a Windows Killer but that won't happen
>with less than a years support for a distro.  I put FC4 on my machines
>just over a year ago and now I am toast.
>Most of those around work here have just done a yum upgrade to FC6 with
>no issues.  I am going to try it next week but expect issues as I have
>many extra applications installed.  Hopefully most have been ported to
>FC6 or the FC4 ones work.
>It would be nice if Fedora is going this route to change the upgrade
>policy and work as an upgrade instead of suggesting a full install.
>Now I did read an article today that because of the changes, there is
>going to be a team to look at how "rpm" can be made better.  Better
>clean up or working with dependencies would be my first suggestion.
>Again this is an issue for the SPEC writers from what I have learned to
>make sure they put the correct info into the file.
>I would also like the Fedora team to not mangle the original programs so
>much.  I would like to be able to download the official Fedora
>application or the real official application without many changes.  I
>look at OpenOffice as an example.
>Lets hope that the support for FC5 goes longer than a year.
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I think they also need to find a way to auto detect settings for 
applications that are already compiled/installed...and recompile them on the 

..apache, postfix etc..


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