kubuntu install takes over my fc5 grub

Jack Byers byersj at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 29 02:57:44 UTC 2006

Jack Byers     byersj at hotmail.com

tom horsley:

>The resuce mode boot already has copies of grub and other things
>in the rescue boot image, and the raw disk devices are there even
>if I don't mount them. Grub only needs access to the disk device
>to write the MBR, not any mounted partitions.
>These instructions do assume that your original /boot partition
>and all the kernel images and grub config files are still there
>on whatever (hd0,0) maps too. If they've been clobbered as well,
>these instructions won't help much. In that case you'll need to mount
>the disks and restore them from back (you do have backups,
>right? :-).

aaron konstam:
Ok, I am just being picky. What you are saying is ok as long as:
1. The rescue disk is for the same version of FC as the system whose MBR
you are updating.
2. The system on hd0 has not had its grub updated in any way.

In most cases that will be true but for many of us who grab the first
rescue disk we have  available you instructions will get you in trouble

your comment 1.   doesn't seem to jibe with my experience:
i used  a  knoppix cd to reboot and run  those cmds
to restore the mbr on an fc5 system


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