good command-line audio player for fc5?

Peter Horst phorst at
Fri Dec 29 19:49:27 UTC 2006

mikkel at wrote:
> Quoting Peter Horst <phorst at>:
> > Thanks very much - everything works when I su to root. The permissions
> > of the device in question follow - what is the rational thing to do
> > here? I don't want to include myself in the 'root' group, do I? And
> > what the heck is '14,'?  And 'c' as a file type? A few new ones on me...
> >
> > crw------- 1 root root  14,    0 Dec 29 00:18 mixer
> >
> Part of the problem is that the permissions get change when someone  
> logs in on the local machine. (Ssh logins do not count.) This is  
> controlled by console.perms and is designed to give the person logged  
> in localy control of specific devices, sound being one of them. Now,  
> if you are loggind in at the console, and then ssh into the machine,  
> the permissions are correct for you to play sounds. But if someone  
> else is logged in, or no-one is logged in, then ther permissions are  
> set to prevent what you are trying to do. (It used to be a common  
> prank to to a remote login and play something on the machine when  
> someone else was logged in...)
> Mikkel
Ah, thank you. Is there a way to "fake" being logged in on the console? 
I would like to leave this particular machine sitting in the closet and 
only ever login via ssh....

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