DVD Playback problems

Fred Erickson frederickson at iname.com
Sun Dec 31 03:56:36 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-12-31 at 10:57 +1300, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
> >
> > Are the DVDs that you're trying good ones?  I've seen a lot of discs
> > that are really poor, and only some that are good (this is with blank
> > discs for your own burning purposes).
> >
> > There are some tools (lsdvd, if I recall correctly), which can give a
> > report on the disc that it reads.  Might be worth trying it.
> These are rented movies dvd's...  All worked fine at the store when I
> took them back, and I rented some more, same thing, some will work,
> and the others don't
> lsdvd is not much use if fedora does not recognize that there is a
> disk in the drive.
> I would have thought if the drive it's self was failing then the
> reading of discs would be intermitent, but as it stands the drive will
> either always read the disc or always fail to see the disc.  I thought
> it mightr have been a region code problem, but all the discs I have
> been using are from the same region.  It seems to simply ignore some
> and accept others.
> -- 
> Rob

I was having basically the same problem with a DVD player in my machine
(FC4 now FC6), replaced the drive and everything has been fine since.
I've seen a number of DVD drives fail but rarely a CD drive.


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